Konflikt'47 Resurgence I

July 13, 2017

With the sucessful launch of the first edition of Konflikt'47 in August 2016, the guys at Clockwork Goblin and Warlord Games have been working hard on the second edition of the rulebook - Konflikt'47 Resurgence.


Due for release in Oct 2017, we have seen many leaks of some of the models queued up waiting for us collectors and gamers to get our hands on.



In conjunction with the launch of Rift Tech Radio (iTunes -Podbean -SoundCloud - the Podcast collaboration between Boss Minis and the Konflikting Opinions Blog spot - We are giving you some news and rumours that we have heard along the way. Listen in to the show here but here is a recap of what we have heard....




Weapons changes: To bring K'47 more in line with the second edition of Bolt Action, the following rules changes are being implemented into Resurgence - many are not a surprise, but the rules for compression rifles and cannons, look cool!


LMG – 30” and 4 shots
MMG – 36” and 5 shots
Manpack flamethrower – hits on a 3 and does D6 hits at 3”
Light vehicle flamethrower – 12” D6 hits
Regular vehicle flamethrower – 12” D6+1 hits
Compression Rifles – 24” with 3 shots at -1pen
Light Compression cannon – 36” with 3 shots at + 3pen


New Rules: As well as new weapons, there are some new rules coming to cover the new units headed our way.

You may have seen the sculpts of the British dogs on Facebook or at Salute, but the indication is that more than the British will end up with dog teams with the rule War Dogs.

Hunters is a rule that snipers can be upgraded with that will allow them to advance, but instead of firing, they can enter ambush. If they choose to fire in the same turn this happens, then they do not get to use the sniper rule, but can do so if left in ambush for subsequent turns.

I did not hear a lot on the new Motivate rule but from what I have heard, it can be applied to some officers and used in conjunction with "You Men Snap To It".


Tank Wars comes to K'47 

The Resurgence book will also contain all the rules for fighting with armoured platoons allowing you to field multiple walkers in your games. This kind of makes sense when you consider the set of 3 Coyote Walkers that Warlord were selling earlier in the release.



Last but by no means least, we have some exclusive and interesting images to share with you!


Wehrmacht Officer in Heavy Armour

 First up is an awesome looking Wehrmacht Officer in heavy armour. I'm sure I am not the only one looking forwards to this release! I already have 2 squads of Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry as well as LMG upgrades and Heavy Panzershrek.

The detail in the face is brilliant and a real sign of the stellar direction that Clockwork Goblin and Warlord are headed!


US Officer in Heavy Armour

 Following hot in the heels of the Germans is the US Heavy Observer, he looks geared yo rain death from the skies on the enemies of the US.  Fitting in perfectly with the aesthetics of the current US Heavy Infantry, I can see this being a must have for many K'47 players - for an alternative version of the observer, be sure to check out the  Konflikting Opinions blog here.


The Tesler Rifle  


 Ghostbusters eat your hearts out!


The Tesler rife will be coming to an American near you soon. If this weapon packs an equivalent punch to the variant armed on the Sherman T, the enemies of the United States and her allies had better beware.


The Locust


Though not an exclusive, we were blown away ;) by the new German medium walker. Not the following is speculation, but looking at the image we can guess at the following. The Locust looks like it is armed with fists for combat and look inspired by a SiFi classic, a couple of autocannons protruding from the chest and topped off with a Nebelwerfer! being named the Locust, is that rocket boosters on it's back designed for jump capabilities? Whatever is coming our way, it looks awesome!


If you are loving the Locust, be sure to head to Konflikting Opinions  to take a look at another German Walker due to be released in the future. 



Not new, saying nothing......


 Until next time,


The Boss

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