Sammy Scenics River Review

June 25, 2017

For this Blog post Boss Minis is bringing you something a little different in the form of a product review. I was browsing Twitter (@boss_minis) and saw Sam from Down Order Podcast (@downorder) post an image of a river designed for one of his boards for a Bolt Action event he runs called End of the Beginning.


I have a river that was made for me by a mate - Aaron Bailey, and it has served me well for a number of years. However, being cut and sanded from MDF, it has to be used on a flat table and I find that it takes a lot of room to store and is heavy to transport along with the other terrain I travel with.


What I was seeing in Down Orders post really appealed to me so I visited the Facebook page of sammy scenics wargames terrain to take a look at what they offered, and I have to say I was not disappointed!  I genuinely think that the work that they are doing to create the terrain on offer was inspirational and my first thought was, I think I could do this myself. So I set to looking at the costs of materials and it quickly became apparent that buying all of the materials was not going to be much cheaper than buying one!



I then realised that this would likely be another project that I start and something else crops up between buying the supplies and them arriving and I would just never get round to doing it. It then occurred to me that it probably isn’t that simple to make it look this good and that the guys at Sammy Scenics must have made many mistakes in the early days and that I may have to buy the materials again!




As you can imagine, this was enough to convince me to invest in one myself and replace my old river sections.


So what do you get?

For £28.99 you get 2 sections which are 2 ft long and 8 inches wide making them ideal for all sorts of gaming tables – that said, I’m sure if you got in touch, you could get different widths and lengths custom made for your games and tables.

Each section is made from teddy bear fur with a channel down the middle shaved out. The fur left creates brilliant grassy riverbanks flanking the channel for the water to run down.  The exposed areas are all textured before a resin is used to imitate running water.

I requested that one of my 2 sections had a ford in it so that if I choose to use my bridge, there are 2 crossing points, or I can use the bridge to cover the ford.


Best of all is that the sections are flexible to can run down slopes for example and can be rolled up for storage and transportation.


Visit the Boss Minis store to purchase your river sections.



If you are in the market for rivers or roads that can all be designed to interlink, I would wholeheartedly recommend getting over to sammy scenics wargames terrain on Facebook and picking some up.


Oh and tell them The Boss sent you!

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