The Great Panjandrum

May 6, 2017

With the launch of Operation Sea Lion in 2 weeks' time, I wanted to take a look at some of the releases that I am most looking forward to.


Operation Sea Lion represents a real shift in historical gaming from Warlord Games and introduces the background, rules and a new miniature range to support the 'What if?' scenario of a German invasion of Britain in 1940 after the rescue of the BEF at Dunkirk.


I have a personal interest in this release having been told stories by my Grandfather of when he served in the Home Guard as a young teenager, patrolling the heath lands around Lulworth and Winfrith for dropped bombs, downed German pilots and invasion forces. He later joined the Army and served in Italy in the Coldstream Guards second Battalion.


I wonder what he would have made of a weapon like the Great Panjandrum...




Developed in 1943 to use in beach assaults for the re-conquest of Europe,  it is probably best known for an appearance in an episode of Dad's Army called 'Round and Round went the Great Big Wheel' where Cpt George Mainwaring and his platoon take receipt of a Panjandrum and quickly lose control of it despite having radio control of the devise, something that was not trailed in the early 1940's but has been covered in the rules as an upgrade in homage to this classic British comedy.


Simply put, the Panjandrum, the brainchild of British engineering, consisted of 2 ten ft. diameter wheels, with one ft. wide steel treads, they were connected by a drum filled with explosives. When the 35 cordite rockets that would propel the Panjandrum up the beaches of Northern France were lit, the weapon was said to be able to travel at up to 60 MPH!



Fielded as inexperienced and manned by a crew of 3 men, the Panjandrum will cost you 25 points.


Movement - The Panjandrum can be carried on the back of a transport or towed behind any transport that can move a medium artillery piece.


Fire - The Panjandrum can be launched with a fire order. Upon firing, the Panjandrum moves 3D6 in a straight line.  in subsequent turns, roll a D6 and apply the following rules - 1/2 the wheel turns 45 degrees to the left and moves 2D6, on a 3/4 it goes straight ahead 2D6 and on 5/6 turns to the right 45 degrees and continues 2D6.


Radio Control - for an additional 10 points, roll a D6 at the end of the movement phase and on a 4+, the Panjandrum can be rotated up to 45 degrees in left or right.


Detonation - When the Panjandrum comes into contact with a unit - friend or foe - or a solid object - buildings, woods, rocks etc, it will explode like a Heavy Howitzer causing 3D6 hits


In The Boss' opinion, these experimental weapons sound a lot of fun, and I can imagine running multiples in my lists to have them rolling around the battlefield.


Be sure to check out the new BEF and Blitzkrieg miniatures due in for release of the Operation Sea Lion book on the 20th May and keep visiting Boss Minis for new blog posts and latest miniature releases.

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