Soviet Heavies - KV1/KV2

February 10, 2017


When I heard that Warlord were releasing a plastic kit that you could make a KV1 or KV2 from, I was very excited and couldn't wait to add a KV2 to my Soviet army. Little did I know that this would be the best value kit that Warlord has released - in my opinion at least.


As well as the sprues containing the kit, you get the new cards for the KV1 and KV2 as well as vehicle damage markers AND a sprue of 8 Soviet infantry which cost £6 alone, to use as well Soviet infantry as far as I am concerned. If this is not enough as well as the shared hull of the KV, you can maker the complete KV1 and KV2 turrets meaning you can swap it depending on which tank you want to run.


As I said, I was pretty stoked to get my hands on this kit and was even more impressed when I realised I could field one of 2 tanks and swap whenever I like, so I got on and assembled it before adding some paint.



I thought I'd that this was a great chance to provide a blog post on how I painted my KV tank. After undercoating the whole model black, I used a can of Plastic Solider Company Russian Armour spray to lay down a solid base-coat.





Next up was a simple coat of a black wash - Games Workshop's Nuln Oil in this case, it was watered down to a ratio of 3 parts water to 1 part wash.











Once the wash was dry, I followed up by watering down GW's Skagg Brown - 5 parts water to 1 part paint and used it as a wash to target areas of the tank that dirt would build up - in corners and areas that stick out like around rivets.





I also applied the transfers at this stage as I wanted to start the process of weathering them to match the rest of the tank.












Next up was to use Oily Steel by Army Painter to add 'chipping' where the paint has been rubbed away to the metal beneath. I looked for areas where crew climbing in and out would remove paint and on hard edges.





Next stage is to use hairspray to cover the whole tank in spray. it will be sticky, so allow to dry for 10/20 minutes before spraying the tank in white paint. you may look at this picture and thing I have ruined all the work so far but bear with me.







 I then used an old brush and clean water to start rubbing the white paint off of the tank. The hairspray and water allow the paint to flake off in a very natural fashion giving you this effect. My army is based in mid spring so the whitewash has worn off over winter.


Next job was to paint the additional stowage that I added (this is from another kit that I sell in the store) before using a sandy brown to drybrush dirty patches onto the tank. I then used a 5:1 watered down Army Painter Strong Tone all over the tank.


Nearly there! I painted the straps on the stowage and then washed them before painting the tranks in GW's Mournfang Brown. I then used Skagg Brown and Deathclaw Brown as a dry-brush over this, before a final drybrush of Oil Steel.


This is as far as I am taking this tutorial but as you can see I have added GW's snow in a pot to the turret and hull of the KV. I tried to have it look icy and like it has built up towards the edges where the vehicle is coldest. I will add more to the tracks and road wheels to add more realism.


That's it for now. I hope you found this tutorial handy and I'd love to see what you have come up with for this brilliant kit.


If you want to grab a KV kit then head to the Store or hit this link - KV KIT and remember to check out the New IS2 kit released on the 18th Feb!

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