January 2, 2017

 The Boss and MiniatureBlanky have teamed up again toy bring you another painting tutorial on the Warlord Games Gebirgsjager. As nobody wants to disagree with The Boss, I'm sure you will agree that MiniatureBlanky has provided another stunning step-by-step walk through of how he achieved it.


The Gebirgsjager are available to purchase in store now. 



spray on white primer



I gave the model I light coat of Nuln oil just to bring out the detail and make it easier to paint







I then gave the trousers a coat of citadel Pallid Wych Flesh. This is an off white colour and makes a good base coat for white.












I then painted his jumper with a mix of Russian uniform green and white. I also painted all the leather parts with English uniform brown and painted the cap with German uniform green.









I then painted the top parts of the boots with khaki and the boots black. I also painted the gloves grey and the SMG with Leadbelcher










I decided to also paint the rucksack with khaki and the sleeping bag with Retractive green. I them carefully painted all the leather straps with English uniform brown









I gave the entire model apart from the trousers a coat of Nuln oil. For the trousers I watered down the Nuln oil with water


















After all of the oil had dried highlighted the raised parts of the jumper with the same mix as I base coated it



After that I highlighted the large raised edges of the trousers with Pallid Wych flesh before I painted the raised areas of the trousers with off white to bring out more detail. Finally I then painted the raised areas of the trousers with off white to bring out more detail



















I highlighted the back pack with khaki  and the leather parts with English uniform brown. This was followed by painting the raised areas of the cap with German field grey



















After all the highlights were done on the clothing I painted the face with flayed one flesh from citadel. After that had dried I gave the face a coat of Agrax Earthshade



I then decided to add dirt the trousers to break up the white. For this I used a small amount of Agrax Earthshade and put dabbed it on small areas that would catch dirt


I went back over the raised edges of the face with flayed one flesh










The final step was to give the whole model a very light dry brush with off white. I took almost all the paint off the brush before doing this
















And here are the final results all bases to match MiniatureBlanky's army  -any questions, find him on Facebook or Twitter and ask away.






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