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December 2, 2016



When asked by The Boss if I’d paint some Konflikt 47 miniatures for the blog I agreed without hesitation but then came the decision about what faction and where to start. This took some time but finally I decided on Germany. This was due in part to my love of the Hellboy comics where Nazi meddling with the occult is an important part of the plot.


An important thing about Konflikt 47 for me is that it’ll be a side project; my main hobby focus is on Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar. So the painting needs to be quick and effective. In light of this I started by thinking about some general rules for the project that, I hope, will give me a clear plan to progress with. So, these are the points I came up with:


  1. Quick to paint simple colour scheme

  2. Quick effective basing

  3. Not beholden to historical accuracy

  4. Don’t worry about gaming – paint what I like.


The paint scheme I came up with is easy. There will be four main colours – black, red, silver and pale flesh.  To test whether what I had in mind works I painted a couple of test models. These were the newly released German Heavy Panzerschreck team.


Unless otherwise noted paints used are from Games Workshop. Below is a step by step on how I did them.


  1. I started by undercoating black. Then I undercoated the silver, red, and flesh areas with Leadbelcher , Mephiston red and Rakarth flesh respectively.

  2. At this point I did the small amount of freehand work using abaddon black and Vallejo white.

  3. I washed the silver with Nuln oil.

  4. I highlighted the red with evil sunz scarlet, then a very fine edge highlight on sharpest corners with Averland Sunset. On the armour panels I then used black to define areas of weathering

  5. I edge highlighted the silver with Stormhost silver. At the same time I used Stormhost silver to weather the black and red armour.

  6. I shaded the flesh with Druchii violet then highlighted with rakarth, scraming skull, pallid wych flesh and Vallejo white.

  7. I edge highlighted the black leather pouches with thunderhawk blue, fenrisian grey and picked out buckles with stormhost silver.

  8. Finally for the model I added a few extra details to the faces. The jeweled eye lenses were done with mephiston red, abaddon black, evil sunz scarlet, troll slayer orange, troll slayer orange,with a little white, and a couple of dots of white to finish the effect. The mouth was defined with black and then the eye sockets and lip were lightly washed with druchii violet. The pupils were picked out with white and the eye socket was washed lightly with carraburg crimson.

  9. To start the basing I glued some random rocks to the base and undercoated black.

  10. Used Astrogranite Debris texture paint to cover base

  11. Drybrushed with GW dry paints Dawnstone and Longbeard grey.

  12. Add some random tufts. I used Army Painter Winter tufts

  13. Add Valhallan blizzard texture paint as snow


Finished! I’m happy with the result considering the time it took (~4 hours) and I think it covers everything I hoped to achieve. I’m going to be picking up some more Konflikt 47 models in the future to add to these test models. I’m not sure exactly what yet but I’ve got my eye on the starter set!


The Wehrmacht Heavy Sniper Team is available in store now




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