The Dead Are Coming...

November 19, 2016

I have been working on these since I picked up the German army set for Warlord Games Konflikt'47 back in August/September time.


I thought about the army and where I wanted it to be fighting and settled on an Urban/winter theme, using various grays, blues and whites to design a cammo pattern that would suit the theme.


Firstly, I will point out that I have not used any historic specific colours here, as I don't see it to be an issue when painting a fantasy army.


so the results..


So, onto how I achieved the effect:



I started by undercoating the troops black and then once dry, I took a mid-tone shade of gray and painted it on all of the clothing.

I then applied a liberal coat of (GW) Nuln Oil wash all over the clothing, followed by a highlight of the grey I initially used.Up next was starting to add the other colours into the cammo pattern, starting with a blue gray - I used a pot of (GW) Shadow grey, adding P3 frost Bite to lighted the shadow grey to use as a highlight.

Finally, the white that I used was (GW) Palid Wytch Flesh applied in 2 thinned coats.


Leather - this is army painter leather brown with a wash of dark tone ink, then highlighted with leather brown followed leather brown with P3 Frost Bite added as a final highlight.


Webbing - this is Army Painter black with a mid-tone grey used to line highlight the edges followed by washes of Nuln Oil to darken the highlights.


Skin - I first painted the skin with (GW) Rakath Flesh which is a dark creamy colour before washing the skin with (GW) Sepherim Sepia and a first highlight of Rakath Flesh followed by highlights of Palid Wytch Flesh.


Blood - This is achieved by adding a small spot of black into Tamyia clear red paint which makes the paint almost congeal and act like drying blood. Once dry I add successive layers to build up the effect.


I didn't intend to write this a couple of months ago when I started this blog post so I do not have many WiP shots I'm afraid.


The Totenkorps are now available as a box set as well as in the Konflikt'47 starter box - both available in the store.


Any questions, please feel free to get in contact.


Check the Boss_Minis facebook page for more pictures of my Totenkorps.

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