November 19th Konflikt'47 Releases

November 11, 2016

In case you missed the shout-outs on Twitter and Facebook, The Boss thought it wise to send out a memo about the upcoming K’47 releases that cover 3 new units for the 2 countries to get a lot of attention within Warlord Games' Konflikt’47 setting.


M2A1 Mudskipper


First up is the 3rd of the US walkers, the US M2A1 Mudskipper.

This is a great piece of Mech Tech to bring to the battlefield, equipped with jump boosters; this is a seriously mobile medium walker, with a punishing armory.



With the choice to build out with either auto-cannons and HMG’s or bazookas,  the Poster boy of the K’47 rule book is a must have piece of kit!


Some of the profiles for the US M2A1 Mudskipper

Cost: 240pts (Veteran)


Weapons:Twin forward-facing light autocannons, Forward-facing MMG, left and right armmounted HMG. 2 fists


Replace HMGs with two arm mounted bazookas for +10 points per arm.




Following on from the Mudskipper is a very different unit choice – the Totenkorps!

The Korps represents a breakthrough in Rift Tech usage. None can deny that Germany was saved by the defilement of those troops that had sacrificed their lives for their nation only to be raised from the dead and sent back into the fray to sow terror and discord among the allied troops, though it is not the Allies alone who are frozen by the presence of the Walking Dead amidst their ranks.


Finally is the release of the Wehrmacht Heavy Sniper; armored in a suit to match the Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry and packing a tooled up Panzerschrek, the likes of the Mudskipper had better Beware! designed specifically with taking down armoured cars and walkers, this team represents the first K'47 team weapon.


All of these items are available to buy in the store, so why not pick some reinforcements to add to your Konflikt'47 German Starter army?


The Boss

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