Latest Konflikt'47 images

November 4, 2016

The Boss has brought in some treats for Friday.

Check out these latest images to break for Konflikt’47. First up is a set of alternative heads for the British Armoured Infantry. One is very reminiscent of the gas masks worn during the Blitz, whilst the other is straight up medieval looking like a knight’s visor, which is in keeping with the name of the suits worn by the troops – The Gallahad armour. These heads will really make your troops stand out!



Second up is a new image of the Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry ‘Heavy Sniper’ he will fit right in with your other Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry with their assault rifles and light machine guns, this release will bring you one step closer to being able to field a whole Heavy force.


Not new but some images of the ZP turret that can be fielded on either the medium T-34 or KV series hull. They should be available during December as part of the Soviet starter box set, fielding these allows you to rain pins down on the enemy.


Finally are images of the British Automaton, nothing new but they are really cool, armed here with a Vickers gun, they represent cutting edge rift tech in the British and Commonwealth forces. All released in the coming months, it’s going to a busy time for K’47 fans, so get your brushes ready!




If you are waiting on some of the cool new stuff to be released, why not visit the store and pick up some infantry or teams and get a head start ready for these future release?


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