Charliefoxtrot models

October 28, 2016


In this post I thought I'd talk about a company I found earlier this year called Charliefoxtrot Models


I have bought and painted a few of the kits from the Eastern Front range for my Soviet armies to battle over, before the Eastern Front Church was released a few months back, which features a intuitive design with 3 separate, removable roofs and a resin 'onion' dome to finish the look. The designer at Charlie Foxtrot was inspired by some images sent in by one of his customers and he decided to make it available in 1:56/28mm scale. 




Although the kit is fantastically detailed and can be assembled and painted as is to a great effect, as seen to the left, I had grand plans having read an article about 'up grading' laser cut MDF kits. The plan was a fairly simple one - once assembled, clad the building with cut down coffee stirrers and use a cereal box card to create a wavy planking for the roofs.







Before I show and tell you what I did, here is a list of the tools needed to achieve the look.




Sharp craft knife

Matchstick cutter

PVA glue

Elastic bands

Cloths pegs

Cutting mat

Match sticks

Coffee stirrers

Cereal box card


My intention was to clad the building with an effect that looked like planks of wood. Having looked at the kit, the only cladding I chose to do pre-assembly was the gables (triangular parts of the roof structure) as I felt this important as trying to add the planks after the roofs were assembled, would have been a nightmare! 


With these drying, I assembled the rest of the structure, per the instructions included, leaving out windows and doors for now.


My next step was to begin cutting the coffee stirrers down to size using the matchstick cutter to quickly cut the stirrers to length, to create the plank effect to glue to the outer walls. On the long wall sides, I made sure that the planks were not all the same length to achieve an overlapping effect.

 As you can see from the images, I continued to add the planks to the outer walls, using a mix of clothes pegs and elastic bands to make sure that the planks held tight to the MDF. Once they were all in place, and dry, I used a sharp knife to trim all the planks so that everything was neat and tidy. Next up was to use some match sticks to frame windows and doorways. To complete the walls, I added the MDF upright supports supplied in the kit, which really help set it all off.



For the wavy boards on the roofs, I cut cereal box card with a craft knife. With the strips cut to length, I glued them down, overlapping and starting from the bottom of the roof and moving up to the apex.



With the walls and roofs cladding complete I mixed up a solution of PVA glue and water (50/50) and painted the solution all over the building. This helps to seal all of the cladding and provides a surface for the paint to adhere to.


When dry, I needed to deal with painting. I went to B&Q and bought a tester pot of paint. Now they change their ranges fairly regularly so you may not get the same colour I used. I wanted a very light brown so chose a tester pot called Cookie Dough as I knew that I wanted to use dark washes to really pick out all of the planks. I chose to use Army Painter dark tone, a green and black wash in different places. I thought about where the darkest areas of the building would be and applied darker washes in those areas. I then thought about where the most water damage may occur and added a green tone to represent where algae and moss' would grow. I kept washing and re-dry brushing to build up the highlights as desired and eventually archived the images below.

I repeated the washes and dry brushing 5 times, watering down the washes and applying a lighter pressure to the dry brushing with each progressive layer. Finally, once I was happy, I picked out a few planks and washed them again to make them darker than those around them and help give a less uniform look.


Be sure to visit Charliefoxtrot models and take a look at the full range on offer - I can vouch for the quality on offer.The Boss





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