Building your first website

October 8, 2016

Before I decided the opening a webstore was something that I didn’t want to regret not trying in a few years’ time, I knew very little about the processes of creating a website that works for you and your customers.

I spent many months seeking advice from friends and colleagues about where I could learn more and what options were available to a complete novice. I weighed up the options and decided to use a company that could assist with some of the more intricate workings and settled on using WIX as a platform.


It is very easy to open an account with them and they offer a free version of their service. If you are interested in having a go at building a website for a club, a blog or a shop, I’d recommend opening an account with a company like Godaddy or WIX just have a go at it to build your confidence. Although not very technical description, I’d liken the experience to using PowerPoint to create a presentation, with some differences like creating products and menus for visitors to navigate around your site.


Now to say I have done this site myself would be a lie, I have had some help with the technical “back-end” of the site from Breasty and creative assistance from Oz in creating the look of products within the store and backgrounds (and more besides) but all along I was able to provide direction of how I wanted things to be, and I have to say, it has been a hugely rewarding experience so far.


One of the other main considerations when creating a website is naming it. You may know what you want to call the site but checking if an appropriate domain is available and affordable if an important early action to take. Just Google purchase a domain name and you will be able to find a company offering domain names to purchase.

The final point I will raise on my experience so far is open a new email account and get a new phone and number if you intend to provide contact details as you will get bombarded with emails and calls offering you all kinds of IT and design services, all good and well if you have a budget to spend of these services, but if like me you want to keep control of your budget and design of your site, it is best to start filling your junk box and blocking the numbers that start inundating you with calls before you even publish your site!


As I said, this post isn’t going into details, but is to let those of you who feel they don’t have the ability to build a site that there are resources out there that will allow you to have a go at no cost – so have a go if you have always fancied a go!


The Boss

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