Upcoming Events

In this section, you will find details of upcoming events hosted by or affiliated to Boss Miniatures and Gaming, including the truly unique, annual Boss-Fest!

As well as my own events, you may find details of events run by friends of The Boss  - details of which will be made very clear.

Boss - Fest 2018 Date TBC July 2018
Boss-Fest18 is a 4 day gaming event for up to 50  guests. Set in a secluded field in a forest in the beautiful Isle of Purbeck (Dorset) countryside it promises to offer a great long weekend of war-gaming with a laid back festival vibe. You have the option to bring a tent or camper van to pitch for the weekend so there are no additional accommodation costs and you are welcome to bring your partner at no additional accommodation costs - there are plenty of beaches and towns near-by for them to enjoy during the day if they don't want to hang with the geeks!

Boss-Fest site 2016

Shadespire Organised Play

Get involved in Games Workshop's latest game. Set in the Age of Sigmar, warbands fight to unlock the secrets of Shadespire. With event exclusive cards available for participation each month and quarterly Championships, this is going to be a living game. 

It's Friday and it's Magic! Head into Boss Minis and join in with your favorite Cast casting game. With various formats of play on offer, check the Boss Minis Facebook page or the WPN FNM site for whats going on this week.