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Fuelling the Flames - A Konflikt'47 Custom Scenario

Way back in March, Boss Minis hosted it's first Konflikt'47 weekender called Rift War 2017.

The Boss was able to host a group of gamers drawn from across the country to play in 5 games at various point sizes from 300, 700 and 1,100 point battles.

Boss Minis custom wrote all of the scenarios and will be posting them here for you to download and play with your friends. Feedback is very much appreciated via email to

Keep you eyes peeled in the coming weeks for other scenarios, but first to Iraq....

Much of Iraq is currently controlled by the Germans, who saw the need to maintain oil supplies on the front now spanning the Middle East.

The Soviets have initiated an offensive into Northern Iraq in an attempt to force the Germans away from the Kirkuk region so that they can take the oil for their own War efforts. Already in control of swathes of land to the North East of Iraq, they pose a formidable threat to the German stranglehold on Kirkuk.

The Allied forces have landed a Task Force South of Basra and have already made significant inroads in their attempts to secure a foothold in The Middle East. They have swept aside the German defenders that they have encountered and are currently besieging Baghdad. They too have sent a force north to contest the rich oilfields of Kirkuk.

Hunted - A Konflikt'47 Custom Scenario

Battlefield: The Ardennes France

Terrain: the village of Joinville, a typical embattled French village in the middle of konflikt. Some buildings still stand, whereas others have been raised to the ground.

Konflikt in the Region:

Joinville lies between Nancy and Troyes on the road to Paris, a strategically important corridor opened up by the Allies after the initial gains made from operation Overlord.

Control of Joinville is contested on a near daily basis by the Allied and Nazi forces. To complicate issues, the Soviets have sent a task force into the areas, who are attempting to destabilise the region by intervening in the konflikt. Commanders of all sides have been ordered to take control of the village and hold it, the Allies and Germans for their own purposes, whereas the Soviets intend to use it as a bartering chip to try and gain more Rift-Tech secrets.

Whatever happens here, the enemy soldiers have been ordered to capture the commander holding the village in an attempt to scatter the enemy forces in the region by removing the” head of the snake”.

Goodnight Sweetheart

Battlefield: Flughafen Lahr airfield The Black Forest, Bavaria.

Terrain: Open space cleared in the forest with various airfield buildings onsite. There may be other secrets present…

Flughafen has been an integral part in German aviation advancements since the turn of the century. It has helped to develop the Zeppelin,  Duddlebug and recently the Horton 229.

Desperate to capture equipment being tested at the airfield, both the Allies and Soviets have sent forces into the Black Forest to try and steal the valuable Rift-Tech at the site, whilst the Germans desperately attempt to secure their advancements in order to take a stranglehold on the War.