#BOSSFEST18 - July 12th to 16th

Boss-Fest18 is a 4 day gaming event for up to 50 guests. Set in a secluded field in a forest in the beautiful Purbeck (Dorset) countryside it promises to offer a great long weekend of war-gaming with a laid back festival vibe. You have the option to bring a tent to pitch for the weekend so there are no additional accommodation costs and you are welcome to bring your partner at no additional accommodation costs - there are plenty of beaches and towns near-by for them to enjoy during the day if they don't want to hang with the geeks!

Food -

Friday, Saturday and Sunday bacon sandwiches and tea/coffee for breakfast will be included in the ticket price!

Saturday lunch will be homemade quiche Lorraine or cheese and onion quiche made by my wife – it’s good stuff!

I hope to have an external caterer in place this year, but that will depend on numbers and payments being made early. If not, I will be on cooking duties again and will put on a BBQ for everyone.

Sunday lunch I will offer jacket potato with a choice of cheese/beans/homemade Chilli as there has been great feedback on this the last 3 years.

If you do have any special dietary requirements then please do let me know and I will discuss alternatives.

That leaves Thursday and Fridays catering to be organised by you. I will have a BBQ on site as well as gas stoves for heating cans of Campbell’s meatballs or a pot noodle etc, and there are takeaways within 10 mins drive of the venue that would also deliver for a minimum order value – fish and chips, kebab, Indian and Chinese. Both directions also offer supermarkets or convenience stores for pasties, sandwiches and beer.

That's right - bring your own beer and spirits! Bring it along and I will try and keep it cool with a bin and ice in the shade.

Any concerns or questions, please contact me.

Facilities -


I will ensure that there are portable toilets (I will order a 3rd toilet if we get near to the attendance cap) and I have 2 solar showers that can be borrowed (solar showers cost under £5 from Go Outdoors if you want to buy your own) but would recommend that you bring wet wipes for a general freshen up. I will also ensure there is plenty of drinking water available for hot drinks from your camping stoves - You are welcome to help yourselves to the tea/coffee that is in the kitchen area at all times. Lighting was a massive improvement last year with loads of gaming going on up to and after midnight. I will aim to try and make it even better this year.

Bad weather - although I'm hoping for glorious sunshine and outdoors play, last year’s weather was dreadful! That said, despite the wind and rain, there was very little in the way of negative feedback. I have also hired both the original 40ft Marquee as well as last year’s 60ft long one. By having 2 marquees, I am to offer both the casual play that Boss Fest has come to be known for as well as some organised play events.  I will sort tables and boards and have a large amount of terrain but would ask you to bring terrain for the games systems you want to play.

Parking - there will be plenty of free parking on site so no extra cost.

Entertainment - we will have a fire going (James will see that regardless of weather, a fire will be built!) and games/football (bring a ball - no cricket, golf or Nerf!! though please) will be an option. With 2 Marquees, there will be one tent dedicated to casual play with music available throughout the day and the smaller marquee will feature a number of organised play events run with the help of some of you attending.

Camping -


this is not a camp site per say, it's a field used for events, so facilities are limited as I have said earlier. That said participants will be welcome to head down on the Thursday and stay till Monday morning at no extra costs meaning that if you do bring your partner you can spend a couple of days out and about in the Purbeck Countryside visiting the ruins of Corfe Castle, the 2nd largest natural harbour in the world - Poole harbour with a visit to Brownsea island to see the Red squirrels and home of the Scout movement, the historic seaside town of Swanage with its working steam railway or Weymouth - home of The Black Sun podcast and famous Victorian seaside retreat with miles of golden sand and plenty of amusements. Also close at hand are The Tank Museum and Monkey World.

The Price for gamers to attend is £50 each for 4 days. If bringing your partner to Boss Fest, the cost of a couples ticket if £80. This is a lot cheaper than the tournaments I used to attend, especially by the time I've paid for 2 nights in a hotel, entry fee and food/parking or taxi costs - and with you having up to 4 nights’ accommodation I think it's a unique proposition at a great price.

I want you to bring what you like to play - WFB, 40k, board games, Bolt Action, Konflikt 47 Infinity, Kings of War, Frost Grave, MTG, FF TCG, Walking Dead, Sharpe’s Practice, Dropfleet, Kingdom Darkness, Dungeon Saga, Chain of Command, X-wing are all games that have been played before and I’d love to see even more variety being played over the 4 days - games can either be pre-arranged or you are welcome to roll with it at the time. Bring however many points you want as you can play multi-player games, SoM, T&T it's your time, play what you want whilst soaking in the relaxed outdoor vibe.

Payment of £50/£80 as a gift to scott.lines@hotmail.co.uk will secure your place please - maximum capacity is 50 and there has been a lot of interest before the tickets are on sale. Having run this event for 3 years now, you have all supported me to build the kind of event that lots of people want to attend and I want to give you all every opportunity to secure your place again. Truth be told, I have been very lenient on payment coming in very late the last couple of years and it has help aspects of the event back, this is an area I will need to tighten up on for the good of the event and my ability to put plans into action, especially with having the new shop to manage as well. With this in mind, if you register your interest I will need payment by the end of February and I am happy to take monthly installments if it helps you out. On the first of March I open the tickets to other interested attendees.


Thanks for your support and making Boss Fest the event that it is.



Post code for the event is BH20 6AP.