Boss Minis: Blood Bowl Cup

Welcome to the Boss Minis Blood Bowl Cup; Monday 28th May 2018!

Tickets are £10 and are restricted to 12 spaces. To secure a ticket, either pop into the shop or contact Boss Minis for the PayPal details to make payment and secure your place.


The Rulebook

The tournament will be using the BB2016 rules including Death Zone 1 and 2 rules (As per the league we have been running of late, with some changes). The Illegal Procedure rule is not being used at all on the day. If your opponent forgets to move their turn counter, either gently remind them or move it yourself. All coaches are expected to play in a sporting, friendly manner.


Team Selection

A MAXIMUM of 1,100,000 Gold Coins is available to field your team. From this balance you must buy 11 players before rerolls, assistant coaches or cheerleaders, or fan factor. Anything left over can be used to buy inducements which are used in every match.



All inducements from the rule book may be taken and priced as per the rulebook for your chosen team. This includes: Bloodwiser Babes/Kegs; Bribes; Extra team training; Halfling Master Chef; an Igor; Mercs & up to 2 Star Players; Wandering Apothecaries; a Wizard; And Special Play Cards, up to a limit of 3 from any deck in the rulebook. If you choose this option, then the deck is set for the tournament, but cards are drawn at random at the start of each game. Some of these inducements are not much use in a non-league format (e.g. why pay 100k for extra RR when you can just buy another RR at base cost) but are included for sake of completeness.


Progression and Resurrection

After each match any extra Star Player Points you have earned are disregarded; any gold you may earn is disregarded; any fan factor changes are disregarded; any injuries are disregarded. Your team is fully resurrected, refreshed and reset for every match. With the follow exception; Before each match, once you know who your opponent is and what race they are playing, but before you see their roster, you may add one skill to one player. That skill may be chosen from the list normally available to the player as if they had rolled a 7 when earning 6 star player points (IE a normal skill only, no stat increases). You must chose a different player every match so by the 4th and final round you will have 4 skilled players on your roster.


Tournament Scoring and the Draw

 The first round will be random draw. After that we will be using the Swiss Draw system. This should lead to coaches who win playing other coaches who win and so on. Tournament points are awarded as follows: 3 points awarded for a win. 1 point awarded for a draw. 0 points awarded for a loss. 6 points will be deducted from a coach that concedes the match whilst still being able to field at least 3 players (see page 29 CRP). Conceding coaches waive their right to win any awards, or prizes, for the whole tournament. Points may be deducted for coaches who consistently fail to finish their match and for any unsportsmanlike behaviour. With 4 rounds in total, there is a maximum of 12 points available. For the purposes of the draw, no tiebreaker will be used, so you will play other coaches on the same, or near same, points. Once all four rounds have been played, Strength of Schedule will be used to determine the final order.



Shop opens at 8.30 for registration. Round 1 09.00 Round 2 11.15 Lunch from 13.30 Round 3 14.45 Round 4 17.00 Awards and thanks 19.30 To fit all 4 matches in this time table will be strict. Time warnings will be given and matches will be ended prematurely, with a results determined by the board state at the time and the organiser’s discretion. Rounds are approximately two hours apiece; whilst the turn timer is not in use you should try to play to four minutes or risk not finishing. A coach who regularly fails to complete their matches may have points deducted from the final score line.


Things You Need To Bring

Each coach should bring his team (painted for preference, but not necessary), dice and templates, and 2 copies of your roster (if you have submitted your roster early, only 1 copy is needed as long nothing has changed). And you will need something to kick around, IE a ball, snotling or something similar. Pitches are in short supply and we may or may not actually have enough, so if each coach could bring one (if they can), this would be greatly appreciated and will avoid much red faced embarrassment from your organisers.

This pack mirrors packs from events being held later this year and would be a great chance to practice with your team!

To secure a ticket, please contact Scott at where you can pay via Paypal.

Hope to see you on the pitch!