25 Aug 2017

One of the stand out features of the Late War German army is its use, and variation, of camouflaged uniforms; and for me, by extension, this means in Konflikt ’47 too. The use of Splittermuster, Eichenlaubmuster, Leibermuster can make your infantry look amazing but try...

9 Jun 2017

In this outing, it's time to turn to Detroit’s Finest: the tanks of the good old US of A.

Special Rules

The American special rule is a doozey and is called Gung Ho. Gung Ho allows the America player to count as moving one less measuring stick of movement when calcul...

12 May 2017

Hi Duncan here, back with more tank related puns along with a look at the basic British forces that you can bring to the table in the GF9 WW2 Skirmish Game Tanks!

Hopefully you will have read my introduction to the small world of the Tanks game… if not – why not?! Go an...

28 Apr 2017

Hi Duncan here, long time listener – first time caller, bringing you something different from the world of Boss! That’s right today we are looking at the TANKS WW2 Skirmish game from Gale Force 9.

We all know that real life happens when you’d rather be rolling some bone...

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